As a professional musician with over 50 years in the business I have always loved the ukulele and like so many musicians have carried one with me on my travels, on tour, in the studio and always have one to hand at home.

This amazing, versatile and unique little instrument is both cheap and readily accessible as well as being great fun to play.

Starting 10th January I will be hosting a fun, casual and social meet up to pass on my knowledge and skills to all ukulele lovers in and around Ludlow, both old and new.

No experience with music required, no reading sheet music, no hard-nosed instruction, just good old fashioned fun, fun, fun in a social and convivial environment, everyone all learning together.  

This weekly event, held upstairs at The Blood Bay, promises to bring aspiring ukulele players both young and old, novice to experienced and everyone in-between together for an hour of enjoyable, lively, pleasant and enjoyable learning.

Oh and some excellent beer as well!!!

Welcome to The Ludlow Ukulele Club

Meet up every Wednesday 7 o'clock till 8 - upstair at the Blood Bay 13 High street Ludlow

Just fetch your Uke and a Smile

there is a small charge of £5 per session  

You will of course need a Ukulele

We have teamed up with Reeds Plus Music, Tower Street, Ludlow,

They have an excelent stock of Ukulele's starting from £30 check them out


express your interest please contact

Play along tutorials

Each week I will be adding tutorials and play-along versions of the songs we have learnt and posting them on my Youtube page