something about me and my music

Sunday, 6 September 2020 00:52

I listen to my own tunes now and then to evaluate what I'm all about - there is a imaginary line I have made myself that is between making music for money - ie library or production music recording and producing other people, sometimes I would be asked to  emulating styles by other famous bands ..but of course by doing those commissions I loose contact with what sort of musician I am - I have covered many styles from Blues, folk , corporate, commercial hip hop trance, dance, kids Jingles world music, electronica, soundscapes - Oh and I have even made tracks for a pan pipe albums mmmmm more about that in a different post ...the list goes on i forget how many styles i have done - I've never been a very technical guitar player, I cant read dots - well i can but it involves a lot of counting the lines on the stave and quoting silly poems like Good Boys Deserve….???Fun?  I can't remember - I can write chord charts for myself but I doupt is anyone could work out what I'm on about, I've never been in a covers band - if I was to play in a covers band I would be useless as I am not dissaplined with my playing and I end up whilst I play doing mmmmI wonder what it would sound like if I do this - basically I am Rubbish …but have carved a small career for myself as a musician at some points in my life only making music. I have just listened to a track i made for a Rock l production album i made for alibary album about 12 years ago ….mmm the brief for the album was to just supply them with 10 Rock tracks this track I offered to them as I was getting tired of churning out heavy rock riffs- I was suprised when they grabbed it with both hand 'Yea yea yea it’s awesome!! We'll have it We'll have it’ - blimey thats good then - said me to myself - this track ‘Mountain'was one of the most used from the album I made for them. 

A production music company pay for your studio time, it used be about about £150 per track - and you would to do a fifty/fifty percent deal, they distribute your tracks too as many post production film and video companys and if your tracks get used, then that company would pay the publishers a licence fee and you would get half of that fee and any forthcoming royalties would come in over the next few years - this depens on what it has been used for - if it for something that has been used on a television program then you see in your royalty stament. I still recieve royalties for tracks that i made for that American company in fact still get royalties for tracks I made over 35 years ago - not a lot but it pays some of the bills or did. But it is lovely to read my royalty statmens that come in every 4 months and just put a smile on my face that a certain track i recorded has been used and hopfully has given people pleasure and put a little something in my pocket in doing so. 

The new way of getting music these days is very different , you submit tracks that you record in your own studio or bedroom or just on your laptop place it with licencing company and if peope that are making vieos of compiling footage from wedding video to tutorials and everything in between you get a very small amout, as most of the companies are subscrition bassed and the publishers off all sort of deals to get people to become subscribers to their music licening company - in other words as a music user you pay a monthly fee and you get to use music that is on their catalogue as much as you want …the royalties are very small.